“Playing a Jeremy Cooper guitar is truly special. Crafted with meticulous care, it blends classic warmth with a powerful presence that's both captivating and inspiring. Its smooth playability encourages creativity, while its timeless design captures the essence of craftsmanship. In essence, a Jeremy Cooper guitar is more than an instrument—it's a masterpiece that speaks volumes about the artistry of its maker and the joy of making music.”
—Sergio Assad
Sergio Assad playing Cooper guitar
Philip Hemmo with Cooper guitar
"I have known Jeremy Cooper as a guitar builder for over 20 years. In that time he has constantly strived to create guitars that offered musical voices for each individual artist. His workmanship is meticulous. His instruments are destined for the concert stage and recording studio. He is one of today's most important builders."
—Philip Hemmo, Composer, Concert Artist, and Educator.
"I came across a Cooper’s Guitar through the recommendation of my Professor Nicholas Goluses. When I managed to test one, I was amazed by how it was powerful and loud and yet I was able to keep my sweet tone and bring out every nuance in my pieces. The process of buying the guitar and being part of the process when it was being build was both fulfilling and rewarding. Jeremy explained to me everything thoroughly in a manner I could understand and adapted some of his building to my unique playing style. I am convinced that this has been the greatest investment I have ever done."
—Andre Ramos

"My Cooper is everything I look for in a guitar. It’s expressive, loud, balanced, plays effortlessly, and is gorgeous to look at. It’s a true quality concert instrument that’s a joy to play."
Dr. David Sewell  (Coalesco: Harpsichord Music Album)

Nathan Nordstrom with Cooper guitar Neil Schwartz photography
"As a classical guitarist that enjoys playing and creating original music, the seven-string guitar that Jeremy built for me is a true work of art. The build quality of his guitars are absolutely spectacular, and the small artistic details that he adds create a layer of depth and beauty to an instrument that is aesthetically fantastic in every way. Aspects such as the asymmetrical features implemented to the rosette, headstock, and bridge mirror the asymmetry of seven strings. The use of African Blackwood for more than just the backsides, such as the bridge, arm rest, fretboard, and headstock, add a consistent and visually striking artistic touch. The sound is deep and rich, allowing for the use of various tonal qualities and color interpretation. The dynamic range is astounding, as the volume can easily fill an entire hall or whisper beautifully without any loss of tonal characteristics. The sound produced is incredibly inspirational in driving my own pursuit of perfecting musical interpretations or exploring ideas that would have been otherwise unknown to me. This all comes with a playability that is unrivaled by any other guitar that I have played; it is an absolute dream to play. I have played and heard many of Jeremy’s guitars, and each one that he builds seems to drive his own pursuit for quality. I would recommend Jeremy’s guitars without question for anyone considering one."
—Nathan Nordstrom

"How loud is my Cooper Double-top? Well, I am 74 and have been wearing hearing aids for several years. Now I need to remove my hearing aids when I play this guitar, because it is so loud it overloads them and causes severe distortion. I tried every model hearing aid they had at Costco, and they all had severe distortion if I wore them while playing this guitar. Also, when I change strings and go to my piano to get the pitches, My Cooper double-top is just as loud as the piano, and I have a Yamaha U-3, which has the longest strings (and loudest sound) of any upright. All that with a 640 mm string length and light strings! Also, being custom made for me, I got the 640 scale and an extra wide nut, something you won't find on many double-tops on the used guitar market. Also, I got to pick out the wood I wanted from Jeremy's stock. The 'bear claw' spruce on the top is just gorgeous, especially combined with Jeremy's impeccable craftsmanship, results in a guitar that is gorgeous as well as sonorous."
—John Mardinly

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